worm out of

worm out of
ˌworm ˈout of [transitive] [present tense I/you/we/they worm out of he/she/it worms out of present participle worming out of past tense wormed out of past participle wormed out of] phrasal verb
to gradually get information from someone who does not want to give it to you

I eventually managed to worm a few details out of him.

Thesaurus: to persuade someone to tell you somethingsynonym to find out informationsynonym
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worm out of [phrasal verb]
1 worm (something) out of (someone) : to get (information) from (someone) by asking many questions, by using clever methods of persuasion, etc.

We're still trying to worm it out of him.

She finally wormed the truth out of him. [=she finally got him to tell her the truth]

2 worm out of (something) or worm (your way) out of (something) : to avoid doing (something) in usually a clever or dishonest way

He always managed to worm his way out of doing the dishes.

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